Diet and Nutrition

Our bodies are complicated machines. Just as certain fuels are needed to get the best performance out of a machine, our bodies need the proper intake. Dr. Cynthia M. Airhart of the Victoria, TX, Crossroads Chiropractic Clinic coaches clients on how proper diet and nutrition impact the body and how to use them to improve your own health.

A Sum Of Our Habits

Our bodies generally reflect the way we live. If we eat right and exercise, it shows. If we eat junk and live a sedentary life, it shows. Not only do our bodies reflect our life choices, they come to expect even negative choices to be routine. This is what makes many bad habits difficult to break.

Our brain loves routine. If our routine is to only be as physically active as our jobs require, our brains will put up a fight as we try to implement exercise. It is no different with eating habits. This is why a big plate of “comfort food” may please a person who is out of shape, but can make someone used to a healthy diet feel sick. The healthy body is rejecting the toxins in the comfort food while the unhealthy body is reminiscing of a time this food made the person feel better. 

Implementing Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition get a reputation for being a chore. Meanwhile, they’re among the top reasons many Americans don't feel well. A lot of this comes down to not knowing better. There are several uncommon fruits and vegetables that taste amazing when prepared a certain way. Salads can become delicious with the right components.

Eating out is another way many people lose their health. This isn’t 100% because the food available is bad, but also because of not making healthy choices. Eating out can be healthy and fun with a little guidance.

The occasional junk snack can even be fine, as long as it is surrounded by lots of healthy eating.

If you are interested in improving your diet and nutrition, but have some questions about getting started, look no further. Call 361-579-9325 to schedule a consultation with Crossroads Chiropractic Clinic so that Dr. Cynthia M. Airhart can get you started on your path to wellness.

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